Who doesn’t like things to be easier than they need to be? Aids help us to stay independent while protecting our joints so we can still do the things we have to do with our hands.

The aim of aids are to help reduce the forces and load through your joints. If we use our larger and stronger joint to do tasks, it means our fingers and hands can still do the fine jobs that are difficult to do with other body parts, e.g. putting cream on your face or brushing your teeth. Would you rather use an aid to open a can, not have pain and then still be able to pick up your tablets and clean your teeth? The alternative is to use your fingers to pull on the can ring, and cause pain that can carry over for the rest of your day. It also can mean you can complete the cooking without having to go next door to have someone open the jar or can or wait for someone to come home.  There are many options available we can help by working out what will work and what is best for you.

We all like to be independent. It can be difficult to ask for help especially if there is something you can no longer do. People forget you can’t do it and you are continually feeling vulnerable.  Aids are items that can help us stay independent. Their purpose is to reduce the load, forces, improve posture and allow us to do a task that without it, we couldn’t do.  Examples of aids are jar openers, can openers, shoehorns, walking sticks and tap turners. With time as we age, our body can show signs of degeneration. This varies depending on how we have been using our bodies during our life.  Many people don’t like the idea of using something to help them e.g a walking stick.  If you were not able to walk by yourself without increasing risk of falling over, which could then result in you breaking your arm or knocking yourself out, would you consider using a walking stick which would mean you have balance and can be independent? Would you consider that as being weak or vulnerable, or could you see that by using it, it keeps you safe and allows you to move without anyone’s help?

Activity Modification service